1) Fully Assembled Frame - Glued and nailed permanently at the frame shop.

2) Stretcher Bar Sets - Frames that have been pre-assembled, taken apart, and wrapped for shipping.  Assembly with glue and screws required.

Both of these construction methods cost the same to produce.

However, you may need to consider how the frames will need to be transported in order to choose the appropriate option.


FAQ #1 - What's the cheapest way to mail a large frame and how large can it be?

ANSWER - generally, if the shortest dimension of your frame is over 30", then this frame is considered oversized and the cost is high to ship the frame fully assembled.  For example the postage to ship one 3' x 3' frame fully assembled is $65 minimum, but to ship the same length bars unassembled would cost $17.  What's better is that multiple stretcher sets can be bundled together to optimize cost savings.  Email for a shipping quote.

FAQ #2 - Are crossbars or braces needed?

ANSWER - a) Professional Frames - for lengths up to 60", crossbars are not needed as my professional bars are designed to be strong enough not to require additional support.  I will add support in the center for lengths larger than 60".  b) Standard Frames - I will add a divider for lengths over 50".

FAQ #3 - Are prices listed for individual bars?

ANSWER - No. - all prices are for complete 4-sided frames.  pricing is proprtional to the total outside perimeter length.

FAQ #4 - International shipping?  Answer - NO.  it's ridiculously expensive.

FAQ #5 - How difficult is it to glue together a frame?


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